Internal medicine

Internal medicine

As a veterinarian, you got into the field of medicine mostly for one reason—because you care about animals. In order to enhance and extend their lives, there are times when primary care veterinarians must turn to a trusted partner for added expertise, education, specialty advice or access to the latest and greatest technology.

The primary objectives of the OKEAN Internal Medicine Course serial are to advance companion animal internal medicine and increase the competence of those who practice it to become the trusted partners.


So, what makes this course great?

At the OKEAN Internal Medicine Course, European and American recognized specialists provide practical solutions that enhance patients care.


Their support opens new doors for your business.


Problem oriented approach is the basis and the most important step on the diverse internal medicine pathway.


You will learn how the early insights in the process help primary care practitioners prevent a decline in their patients’ health and the need for more extreme or expensive interventions later.


Once you have mastered Problem oriented approach in your everyday work, you will confidently handle complex cases dealing with all internal medicine conditions. 

We should all remember that improving our medical skills is in the best interest for the patient and the animal’s owner.