Soft tissue surgery

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February 25, 2023

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February 26, 2023

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Jackie Demetriou

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2023, Surgery

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This is a two-day practical course in small animal surgery. The course is designed to cover all major aspects of head and neck, abdominal and reconstructive surgery. Some elements of theory will be given to put the surgery into context, but most of the time will be spent practicing techniques on cadavers. The course is suitable for all levels from beginners to advanced as there will be something to be gained by everyone. It is also designed to be flexible so people can practice at their own pace and concentrate on techniques that they would like to perfect. The tutors will be available to observe and have direct involvement in teaching the procedures.

The learning objectives of the course are:

  1. An understanding of when we perform the techniques and the potential complications we could encounter
  2. A review of the associated anatomy of each technique
  3. The surgical approach to the head and neck and abdominal cavity
  4. Focus on an emergency orientated approach to these areas such as tracheostomy and GDV surgery
  5. Understanding an approach to wound closure from simple to more complex

Jackie Demetriou will be one of the course tutors. She is a European Boarded Specialist in Small Animal Surgery, who has practiced specialist level soft tissue surgery for the past 20 years. She has worked in both academia (University of Edinburgh, University of Cambridge and University of Nottingham) and private referral practice. She has extensive experience teaching general practitioners the theory and practice of surgery and really enjoys seeing how surgeons gain confidence in managing cases and performing surgeries after these CPD events.

Day 1 – Head, Neck and Skin reconstruction

  1. Short introduction to weekend events
  2. Revision of instruments, handling, suture patterns
  3. Head and neck surgery
    • Nostril wedge resection (BOAS)
    • If possible – staphylectomy
    • Approach to the neck
    • Tracheotomy
    • Tracheostomy tube placement
    • Thyroidectomy
    • Parathyroidectomy
    • Sialadenectomy
  4. Skin reconstruction – afternoon
    • Undermining
    • V to Y advancement
    • Relaxing incisions – single / multiple
    • Advancement flap
    • Bipedicle advancement flap
    • Transposition flap
    • Caudal superficial epigastric flap

Day 2 – Abdominal surgery

Overview of an abdominal exploration and GI surgery

  1. Biopsy techniques – liver, GI, lymph node, kidney, pancreas
  2. Enterotomy
  3. Enterectomy
  4. Omentalisation and serosal patch
  5. Gastropexy – incisional, tube
  6. Cholecystectomy
  7. Cystotomy
  8. Nephrectomy

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OKEAN - Veterinary Training System

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Bavaništanski put 343, Pančevo, 26000, Serbia


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