Dentistry of Dogs

Dentistry of Dogs


  1. Veterinary anatomy pertaining to dentistry and oral surgery.
  2. Oral examination and charting of clinical findings.
  3. Dental radiography and Radiology.
  4. Local and regional blocks used in Dentistry and Oral Surgery.
  5. Extraction techniques.

A relevant refresher lecture in oral and dental anatomy will be presented and will discuss the tooth, periodontium and jaws, function of teeth, anatomical terms used to describe the different aspects of the teeth and their association with the jaws.

Oral examination and charting; equipment required and how to use instruments will be discussed in the lecture and practiced in the workshop, how to perform local and regional blocks used in Dentistry and Oral Surgery and will be taught relevant extraction techniques.
Delegates will then be taught how to obtain diagnostic intra-oral digital dental radiographs and how to interpret these images.

Dr Cedric Tutt graduated from the veterinary faculty in South Africa in 1992 and became an European Veterinary Specialist in Dentistry in 2007. He is registered as a Veterinary Dental Specialist in Europe, UK, Hong Kong and South Africa; offering advanced dentistry and oral surgical options for a wide range of animals, including: cats, dogs, horses, many wild cat species, small and large non-human primates and marine and terrestrial mammals. His list of species treated exceeds 67. Dr Tutt’s services include root canal therapy, dental restoration, extractions, orthodontics, prosthodontics and treatment of some oral cancers in addition to the repair of oral trauma cases and some congenital abnormalities.
The European Veterinary Specialist in Dentistry in South Africa, Dr Tutt offers veterinary dentistry and orofacial surgery services in Cape Town, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. Dr Tutt also provides post-graduate training in veterinary dentistry and oral surgery to veterinarians, veterinary nurses and veterinary technicians. He authored the text: Small Animal Dentistry – a manual of techniques (which was translated into Simplified Chinse) and was Senior co-editor of the BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Dentistry 3rd Edition. Cedric has published (as author or co-author) 27 articles in Peer Reviewed CPD journals and 8 articles in scientific Peer Reviewed journals.

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