Nowadays we all (some more, others less) are struggling with how to spend our money wisely. How much are we willing to pay, to get what we want or need, or to learn something useful. We want to receive something in return for the money invested and we are mostly interested in “best value for the price”.

OKEAN say, they offer high-quality veterinary courses for reasonable prices. Even more, they claim that “no one provides more value than OKEAN”. Their motto is promising “There is nowhere in Europe a better ratio between the amount of high-quality training you are getting and the resources you are investing.” Can we believe it?

In fact, you can verify what they are saying in different ways:

1.) You can use “scientific approach”. Verify the information, like we verify relevant scientific literature before using it at our work – check the source, authors … OKEAN offers us world-renowned leading experts in different fields of veterinary medicine as speakers at their courses. In the age of the Internet, this information is easily checked. Just google it. Most of them you can see as speakers at major veterinary congresses or courses all over the Europe and even around the world. And that is already something, that makes the course worthwhile attending – learning from the best, improving, moving forward. Besides, we all know that theoretical lectures, supported by practical lessons, training and repeating enable us to absorb the most knowledge possible.

Everything else they are promising is just additional bonus. And OKEAN with their adapted and well-equipped facilities, good organisation, kind people, organised social life and great possibility of creating new friendships and connections has a chance of pretty high value bonus.

2.) Another option you have is “just come and see”. Try it once, take a chance. There is nothing you can lose, but a lot you can gain.

3.) And last but not least, you can believe me 😉: it is worth it. The courses are practical and good organised, the speakers are carefully selected. Small groups of course participants create a friendly atmosphere and enable constant interaction between participants and lecturers. You get a chance to better know each other and have fun during relaxed chat at dinner and party after the lectures. Social events also encourage conversations about issues, that have been raised during the lectures and enable you to ask something, you might not have dared or had a chance to ask before. You return home with new energy, self-confidence and knowledge, that you can quickly use in practice. After I have attended the first two OKEAN courses, I can say that I will return (for sure more than once) and am eagerly waiting for the next one.

Urša Andromako, DVM