I am sitting in the office, because I don’t have patients at the moment. Suddenly, I hear a technician, calling from the ground floor: »Emergencyyyyyyyy!!!« I quickly stand up, take a deep breath and run down the stairs, directly to the examination room. I open the door, ready to face the animal, that needs my help. Ready to save a life …


There is almost no time to think, but while I hit the stairs I wonder, what is waiting for me this time? Car accident, dog bite, torsion, poisoning …? The brain is already trying to look for a solution, although it doesn’t know the question yet. Will I be able to react timely and correctly?

Urgent condition can be a significant challenge for a young veterinarian. Because of less knowledge and experience, we can lack speed in making decisions or self-confidence and calmness in stressful situations, when life is in danger and minutes or even seconds count. As time ruthlessly flies by, we are searching in our heads for important data or knowledge, that maybe doesn’t even exist yet. I assume, that with years and experience the pressure is reduced, but the path to that goal can vary in length – depends on one’s character, received support from co-workers and of course own willingness to get additional education.

The procedures are actually similar to those with unurgent patients, but it all happens faster and under greater pressure. Without a doubt it is much easier, if I know that one of my older colleagues is somewhere near in case I would need them. Something like a safety button. But what if they are not …?

If not, I am on my own and everything will depend on my decisions and knowledge. On literature that I have read, things I have seen, courses I have attended. And with every new thing I learn, every new experience, every patient rescued, my self-confidence grows. There are usually no shortcuts in acquiring knowledge, you have to hear, see, try, experience. But for sure it helps, if an experienced lecturer on a good course tells you about some “tricks”, that you can use next time. In this case, you can take a shortcut on your path.


… This time, I can relax, because nobody needs rescuing. There is no badly injured or even dying pet on the table in the examination room. When I open the door, there is a cake on the table and my friends beside it, who begin to sing on my “stormy” arrival. Today is my birthday. 😊