What clinicians expect from a course?

What clinicians expect from a course?
Eja, Slovenia
Veterinary medicine has skyrocketed in last decades. Pets are treated as family members so their owners demand the best treatment for them, often at the level of human medicine. 

As a general practitioner, I feel big pressure to provide them the best solutions for their problems, so I have to be up to date with the most recent advances in veterinary medicine. The knowledge I have to gain is so vast that it is impossible to get it all from reading literature for it is too time-consuming. And since a life of a veterinarian is also a constant battle to find enough time to balance private and professional life we need fast and efficient training. From the course I attend I expect to provide lecturers who are at the top level of their field of specialization but most importantly are talented speakers who are capable to pass on the knowledge in a logical manner, to motivate and to stimulate thinking. Articles are ok, webinars are practical but nothing can replace personal contact. Moreover,  if I wish to improve the practical skills I need hands-on practical training with a mentor. It is not acceptable to learn on my patients. New skills and knowledge have to be so practical that can be put into practice the very next day. 

For my lifestyle, short weekend courses are optimal so I don’t miss a day at work. While attending courses abroad, I also fulfill my passion for traveling, I always meet new interesting people with whom we share experiences and ideas. And it is also a brief time to escape from everyday obligations and stress and reset my batteries. Or as Mary Poppins would say: “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and ‘snap’, the job’s a game.”


Neca, Slovenia

I expect to get latest knowledge presented in simple, directly applicable way from the teachers who master their field and can really inspire you. I want to enjoy my learning experience, understand different possibilities, get new ideas and connect with other students with similar interests and passions. My wish is to reach higher productivity, better performance, become more effective in what I do, enjoy the course, network with other participants and have lots of fun.