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Adults learn differently than children. Because of that, a special academic discipline was developed,  andragogy (Savicevic, 1999, p. 97,[17]  Henschke, 2003,[18] Reischmann, 2003[19]), which  refers to any form of adult learning.

The main difference between androgogy and pedagogy can be seen in the following table.

The learner The learner depends entirely on his/ her teachers throughout the learning process.

Teachers are responsible not only of what will be taught, but also of how it will be taught.

The teacher evaluates the learning.

The learner is independent and self-directed.

The learner is responsible for his/her learning.

Self-evaluation is a characteristic of this approach.

Learners’ experience The leaner gains no experience from this kind of learning.

The method is didactic.

The learner gains experience in the study process.

The method is problem solving, discussion and skill learning.

Program Standardized curriculum is used, based on the needs of the society. The curriculum is based on the practical; it is more real life-oriented.
Orientation to learning The objective is to gain a desired grade. The objective is problem solving, learning a new skill and/or performing a task.
Motivation for learning Primarily motivated by external pressures and competition for grades. Internal motivators: self-esteem, recognition, better quality of life, etc.


From that aspect, and also from realizing the real needs of a modern vet clinician; the fact that those needs cannot be satisfied solely by the work of University, which only uses the pedagogical objective and methods, OKEAN has developed a unique training system which compromises the following elemensts:

OKEAN – Veterinary Training System

  1. All registered candidates get the literature in advance so they can prepare for the signed up course both theoretically and if possible, practically.
  2. Our instructors are world-renowned experts and speakers with years of experience in research, practice and teaching.
  3. Our courses combine theory and a lot of hand on practice. Lectures are interactive and highy illistrated. Practical instruction is performed on live animals (diagnostics and examination), cadavers (surgery, orthopaedics, dentistry, diagnostical procedures), models and lab specimens.
  4. A practical business model is presented for each new skill gained at a course, so it that can be immediately applied in everyday life and practice.
  5. Our instructors encourage interactive discussions in large or small groups on all key topics, open dilemma or uncertainties.
  6. At the end of the course, all instructors with OKEAN as a whole, are all being evaluated by the course participants.
  7. Our courses are CPD acredited..
  8. All courses take into account the highest standards of animal wellfare protection and the environment.
  9. OKEAN exceptional facilities are fitted with the highest quality equipement and teaching aids thus offering the complete learning experience.
  10. All technical questions, food, transfer and support is OKEAN’s concern so course participants can focus solely on their set goals.