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29 February - 1 March
400EUR + VAT

Speaker : Dr Xavier Levy

Dr Levy started his specialisation by an intership in dog and cat internal medicine and surgery in Alfort Vetschool in 2003. Then, he did his residency in reproduction and in parallel be involved as a clinician in urology-nephrology in the medicine department of Alfort vetschool until 2007. In 2006, he became the head of CERCA (Center of Research and Clinics in Small Animal Reproduction, ENVA).  In 2007, he became ECAR diplomate.

He was in the Board of European Society for Small Animal Reproduction (EVSSAR) from 2010 to 2016. Dr Levy is Past-president of the French Veterinary Society of Small Animal Reproduction, Breeding and Genetics from 2012 to 2018 (GERES, AFVAC). He is member of the Reproduction Council of the French Kennel Club. Since 2004, Dr Levy is involved in a breeding program in wildlife for cheetah in South Africa started by the CRESAM society. He contributed actively to develop the first technique of non-invasive intra uterine insemination for wild felids: cheetah, leopard, tigers and lions. Since 2011, he became co-head of the scientific committee of CRESAM society. Dr Levy is also involed in clinical researchs as schedule C-section, prostatits diagnosis, BPH blood markers (ODELIS CPSE® test), pediatric surgery and breeding soudness. In 2008, he co-developped the first private center dedicate to reproduction and pediatrics in dogs and cats in South of France (CRECS).  He is still very involved in vetenarian education through a website (www.vetreproduction.com), teaching in european vetschools, and regular lectures/workshops in France, Europe and overseas.


29/2/2020 – Saturday   Time
Clinical cases: male infertility   09:00-10:00
Unwanted sexual behavior of the male dog and medical contraception   10:00-11:00
Coffee Break   11:00-11:30
Semen collection and examination in practice   11:30-12:30
Chilling and thawing semen / open discussion cases   12:30-13:30
Lunch   13:30-14:30
Male Genital ultrasound : examination + FNA and Biopsy   14:30-15:30
Prostate surgery: abcess/cyst, partial prostatectomy   15:30-16:30
Coffee Break   16:30-17:00
Spermo-cyto-gram + preputial cytology   17:00-18:00
Vasectomy procedure   18:00-19:00
01/03/2020 – Sunday    
Pharmacological treatment to infertility in bitches


Urinary incontinence in bitches: an update


Coffee Break   11:00-11:30
Early castration in dogs: pro and cons


Genital ultrasound in bitches   12:30-13:30
Lunch   13:30-14:30
Vaginal cytology in bitches


Optimal time for mating / progesterone etc.   15:30-16:30
Coffee Break   16:30-17:00
Neonatal / Pediatric treatments   17:00-18:00
End of the course – discussion, recapitualtion   18:00-18:30


Start: 29 February
End: 1 March
Cost: 400EUR + VAT


Venue Name: Pančevo
Address: Bavaništanski put 343
Pančevo, Serbia 26000

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Website: office@okean.rs