Belgrade intro

Belgrade intro

Belgrade is an urban gem of Eastern Europe. It is situated at the unique crossroads, where east meets west, and where traditional and contemporary are often blended into one. Besides numerous historic landmarks, excellent food and famous hospitality, Belgrade is best known for its nightlife. From urban clubs, floating river bars, laid back restaurants and cafes to some old traditional places. You name it, Belgrade has it all. You can’t be bored here, not for a second!

This is also a very proud and audacious city; battled for by many conquerors and razed to the ground exactly 44 times. Maybe this is why a famous architect Le Corbusier said that “Belgrade is the ugliest city in the world in the most beautiful place in the world”. Yet, Belgrade still shines with its own lights, bohemian charm and contemporary soul.

Speaking of aesthetics, Belgrade is not a “pretty” capital city. However, its gritty and raw existence makes it one of the most vibrant cities in Europe. Some call it the New Berlin. You can see brutalist architecture right beside art nouveau unique pieces; Habsburg authentic architecture, or even some well-known Ottoman landmarks.

Belgrade has told many stories. Its adventurous spirit still has to offer so much, way beyond the meaning of plain words which are used to describe it. In all its glory, simply put, Belgrade is the city that won’t let you go. You will realize that the second time you come to visit. In that fashion, we will finish with the words about Belgrade, from famous Serbian writer and Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andrić:

“This grand city seems to have always been like this: torn and split, as if it never exists but is perpetually being created, built upon and recovered. On one side it waxes and grows, on the other it wanes and deteriorates. Ever in motion and rustle, never calm and never knowing tranquility or quiet. The city upon two rivers, on the grand clearing, bound by the winds.”