Clinician is our WHY.

At OKEAN, we use all our resources, partners and activities to create the highest quality training for a modern veterinary clinician. A clinician who believes in growth; in improvement; in impeccable service; in sharing. In friendship.

The leading experts in fields of veterinary surgery, orthopedics, internal medicine, clinical pathology, dentistry, neurology, dermatology, radiology, ultrasonography, cardiology, emergency and critical care as well as ophthalmology are all working with us to create and provide courses to help you move forward. In your knowledge and skills; in your service and patients` satisfaction; in your clinic. Move forward, considerably.

Our management lessons will help you create an effective and profitable business model for each new skill learned at our training center.

OKEAN provides the latest facilities and equipment in the field of veterinary training, thus enabling all kinds of practicing: wetlab, drylab, imaging training and much more.

Book your ticket to Belgrade. It is reachable easily.

No need for expensive hotel since nights in Belgrade are usually very short.

Everything else (transfers, training, food, support, etc.) is our business.

Just be ready to embark on the growth tide of OKEAN.